It was written in the stars that I should stitch. My mother is my strongest influence. A seamstress by profession, Mom is a superb needlewoman with an unwavering can-do attitude. As a child I watched her sew, embroider, crochet, tat and knit. She grew up on a farm in Poland and, as a young woman, traveled the world. Her free-style stitching was influenced by the needlework she admired during her travels.

My parents met and married in England, eventually settling in the United States. Mom made her own wardrobe and, during lean years, even my father’s suits! It amazes me that, even with a full-time job and kids to raise, she always managed to decorate our home with her beautiful stitchery.

I’m a musician and a crossword puzzle creator,  with a penchant for orderly geometric forms.  Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to the cross stitch genre, where fibers are stitched into woven fabrics with precision and artistry.

In 2005, I established Primrose Needleworks. I enjoy translating classic puzzles and wordplay into stitched artwork — where color and texture provide new dimensions of expression. Over the years I’ve met stitchers, designers and store owners who have become new friends. I appreciate your good wishes as we celebrate the art of needlework.  Thank you for visiting!

Elizabeth C. Gorski
New York City

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