Lincoln Bicentennial Sampler

“272 Words”    (click to enlarge)

In celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s Bicentennial year, we present:

“272 Words” ~ a sampler featuring the full text of the Gettysburg Address.  Stitch this dramatic piece for display in the home, a school or museum.

Our largest design was created, stitched and released in 2009, to honor President Lincoln’s Bicentennial Year. Fifty stars ~ one for each state of the modern Union ~ form a border around the 272-word Gettysburg Address. The 20-page chart is coded in Gentle Art threads, with DMC equivalents.

Size:         349w x 375h    
Fabric:    32-ct.   Lambswool linen from Wichelt Imports
Fibers:     The Gentle Art
Frame:     Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch (Clifton, N.J.) Tel:  (973) 778-9827

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bicentennial Blog

The evolution of “272 Words” (from first stitch to last) was chronicled in a blog established in February 2009.  Please visit The Making of An American Sampler for additional sampler photos, stitching guidelines and bicentennial essays.

“272 Words” (Closeup)

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