New Design Release: “Stars and Stripes Forever”

Stars and Stripes Catalogue Photo

In honor of President George Washington’s birthday, we have released Stars and Stripes Forever. This is contemporary, to-scale U.S. flag intended for year-round display in the home or office.

50 stars and 13 stripes are stitched with vibrant colors from The Gentle Art.  We chose a warm and toasty linen from Wichelt (Desert Sand).  I SO enjoyed stitching on this fabric!

Stars and Stripes Forever is a distinctive and convenient way to show the flag indoors. It’s quite a dense design (it took me a few months to finish!), but the geometric and repeated patterns are easy to stitch.

The flag is made with simple cross stitches — no specialty stitches required!

If you start this design in March, you’ll be finished by July 4th!

Stitch Count: 171W x 106H
Design Size: Approx. 12″W x 7-1/4″H
Fabric: 28-ct Desert Sand* from Wichelt Imports
Threads:  The Gentle Art (with DMC conversions)
Frame: Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch (Clifton, N.J.)

We’ve shipped initial orders to our distributors.  If you’d like to purchase our charts, please ask your needlework shop to order them for you!   As always, feel free to contact me with questions.

Thank you and Happy Birthday to our country’s first President!  ~Liz

*Updated on 6/28/13: Some charts may call for 28-ct “Sand”; the full name of the fabric is “Desert Sand” from Wichelt; we’ve reflected the update in later chart printings.  We apologize for the discrepancy!

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Staying Warm with a Coffee Crossword

Happy February!  I am often asked about the design on our website header — What is it?

It’s Coffee Crossword. Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea!) and immerse yourself in this crossword design. Warm colors stitched on a coffee-with-cream-and-sugar linen make for a cup of cozy stitching on a chilly February day.

Wichelt’s Terra Cotta linen (which reminds me of a cup of coffee with cream), seemed perfect for a coffee crossword design.

One of our February Presidents, Abraham Lincoln, said this about a drink he’d been served:

“If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.”

We’ve all been there, Mr. President. 🙂    Have a good week, dear friends!

Coffee Crossword PN

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New Cross Stitch Design — Mirth, Hope and Grace

Mirth, Hope and Grace

We’ve just shipped a new cross stitch design to our distributors: “Mirth, Hope and Grace.” Three inspirational words interlock in a game board pattern. It’s created with holiday colors, but we think of mirth, hope and grace as timeless concepts for year-round display.

You can make this in time for the holidays.  We stitched it up in a weekend!

Size: 58w x 59h
Fabric: 32-ct White Chocolate from Wichelt
Threads:  The Gentle Art (with DMC conversions) 

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